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Cork flooring has a warmer feeling than most flooring materials as it maintains a temperature of approximately 70 degrees all year round. It is the second warmest and quietest product, carpet being the first. Many of our clients love cork for its resiliency and forgiving feeling underfoot.

Cork tiles are suitable for any room in a house, as the pure cork material does not absorb moisture. This becomes evident when you consider that cork keeps the wine in the wine bottle, or their buoyancy when used as fishing bobbers. The other type of cork flooring, floating Cork Planks, are not suitable for bathrooms or other wet spaces due to the HDF (high density fiberboard) locking layer that does not do well with high moisture.

Our customers have found Cork flooring to be less expensive than the under floor heating option with tile, and it feels so much better underfoot. Our cork tiles have a wide variety of colors to select from with endless patterns, tile sizes and styles. Your cork flooring can even mimic the look of tile, but with all of the benefits of the cork material.

Cork Planks are very DIY friendly and are as easy to install as any laminate, but instead of walking on plastic, you will enjoy a natural flooring surface that is comfortable underfoot, quiet and healthy for your family.

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