About Us

Proud to be named Central Oregon’s Most Sustainable Small Business

2010 News Channel 21 Green Life Feature

Why Brilliant environmental building products?


Any building materials supplier will have a straightforward way of deciding whether to stock a particular item:

How much does it cost?
How well does it work?
Does it suit current style trends?

Price, performance, and aesthetics will determine whether a product has value in the traditional marketplace.  At brilliant environmental building products we consider the same factors.  We have a different way of looking at value, we go further.  In addition to competing on the basis of price, performance and aesthetics, our products must offer additional tangible benefits:

We proudly offer products that protect health, use energy and other resources sparingly, and are extraordinarily well made.

How does Brilliant define value?

Through our additional dimensions of value we have chosen to offer products that are sustainable.  This means that we look carefully at each item and think about its entire life span.

How is it made and by whom?
Will it give joy and service for years?
Can it be repaired or will it need to be replaced if something breaks?
What will happen to it when it is no longer needed?

By asking these questions and then discussing with our customers their goals and budgets, we can quickly help find the best products for each situation.

“It has always been more important to provide facts about our products than to push an agenda on our customers.” – owner Jorden Swart.

What is the Brilliant mission?

Our goal is to help each customer create a healthy happy home using high quality, cost effective, locally sourced, sustainable products.  We achieve that goal by carefully researching so that we can match products to meet the specific needs of your home project.  It is this kind of personal attention and thoughtfulness that can very easily facilitate a cleaner greener home for you and your family.  If given the option why wouldn’t you choose brilliance.

Live green, be Brilliant.