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Brilliant provides peace of mind when it comes to selecting a non-toxic finish for your project. We specialize in high performance interior and exterior coatings that are also environmentally friendly.

It is very difficult to provide in depth information on our huge selection of non-toxic coatings.  Should you have a unique situation or request please contact our showroom to assist with your project.

 American Clay

American Clay creates surfaces reminiscent of classic interiors throughout history. Bring the natural warmth and sunshine of Provence into your kitchen … take a bath surrounded by the tranquil and earthy feel of a Japanese bath or travel to a vibrant Tuscan Villa every time you enter your dining room. Whether you live along the coast, in an urban townhouse, or on a sprawling ranch, the possibilities are endless with American Clay.

American Clay plasters are a natural way to finish any interior. Nontoxic and made in the USA, our plasters are a healthy alternative to paint, wallpaper, cement, acrylic, and gypsum plasters. American Clay offers thousands of colors, unlimited textures, and a depth not found in other finishes.

Clay plasters help create a healthy environment by “buffering” the effects of moisture in a room. This continual exchange of moisture into dry air inhibits the growth of mold, toxins and pollens and reduces energy use. Warm to the touch in winter and cool to the touch in summer, our plasters bring healthier comfort to interior spaces.

Visit our showroom to view sample walls and the wide range of textures and colors available in American Clay Natural Earth Plaster.

Stains and Clear Coats

Our selection of non-toxic stains and clear coats offer piece of mind when doing your next finish project.  Our high performance materials provide the durability of traditional stains and laquers without the toxicity.

Depending on the goals of your project and desired finish, we have many options that can provide you with a beautiful result and no stink afterward.

Osmo Hardwax Oil 

Our Osmo Hardwax Oil is an excellent satin matte finish that can be used to coat floors or even for fine finished wood work. Osmo Hardwax Oil is unique because you can do spot maintenance and repair without sanding the full surface, unlike most other conventional finishes. They have many color choices and can be the perfect selection for someone wanting to enjoy the natural beauty of their wood surface by using the clear coat.

These finishes are highly durable by binding to wood grain and it will not flake, blister, or peel! Simple to apply with a high coverage rating to get the job done faster. Osmo products are engineered from natural, renewable oils and waxes without all the harsh fumes. The finishes conform to strict European standards for health and purity. They are so safe that they are approved even for use on children’s toys!

Osmo finishes are one of our top sellers for wood workers and for refinishing work on hardwood floors by our local contractors. Come see the samples and explore options for your next interior or exterior wood finishing projects! 

Timber Pro UV

Timber Pro UV Low-odor, low-toxic finish is suitable for all exterior wood and some interior as well. Great for decks, fences, siding, and log houses. Waterborne, penetrating formula protects wood from the inside out.

Made from natural oils chemically modified into a tough penetrating resin. The finish does not bake out of the wood. Won’t peel or flake. Stains, seals and protects all in one. Top quality UV protection. Easy to maintain. No need to strip the old Timberpro finish, just reapply a maintenance coat. Available in a wide variety pallet of colors, and custom colors are available.

Timber Pro UV brings you the durability and professional results you’ve been looking for. This easy-to-apply, easy-to-cleanup, and easy-to-maintain formula has such unique qualities it is unlike any other coating on the market.

Timber Pro UV is available in clear and semi-transparent natural wood tone colors. This smooth blend of natural oil resins and state-of-the-art additives use pure water as a carrier instead of flammable, toxic solvents.

Unique Features:
Timber Pro finishes are natural, plant-based, oil-maleinized resin, water-borne (oil-based, water-borne), Breathable (allows for water vapor transmission), non-flammable, and have easy water clean-up.
Non-evaporative, once the finish is cured it will not bake out of wood or darken over time. Also doesn’t need to be stripped before maintenance coats are applied. This is one of the most eco friendly exterior wood finishes you can get!


Specializing in non -toxic concrete stains, coatings, and cleaners utilizing a high performance soy base that is fully non-toxic. Looking to change your concrete to a finished floor? Wanting to add some character to your outdoor patio with out all of the stink and toxicity? Ecoprocote has the answer for you! With its full line of finishes that will meet your strict performance requirements, you can achieve this goal without harming your family.

Visit our showroom to see samples of the different non-toxic coating options in our Ecoprocote line!

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