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Consideration for nature and the climate has always been a high priority at Brilliant, and we were among the first companies to sell highly efficient wood burning stoves with certifications in Bend, Oregon.

Our newest wood burning stoves and inserts meet even stricter requirements, for efficiency and particulate emissions. Our Morso and Rais stove lines are recognized globally for being environmentally friendly.

We call our wood burning stove options carbon neutral because the amount of CO2 emitted when fired correctly is equal to the amount of CO2 the tree would have emitted while decomposing in the forest.

Our stove manufacturers produce these high efficient wood burning stoves by utilizing the concept of extremely tight fireboxes with secondary burn off chambers.

Our stoves our designed to allow you to enjoy the beauty of the fire with glass viewing windows as opposed to older stove versions where you shut the door and never see the fire again.

It is this unique combination of aesthetics, beauty, efficiency and functionality that make our wood stoves and excellent option for your next heating solution.

Come visit our Showroom Downtown Bend to view the different styles and options available in our ultra efficient wood burning stoves.

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