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We offer a wide range of Sustainable Hardwood flooring options at Brilliant. We offer non-toxic hardwood flooring options to fit every budget. Visit our downtown Bend showroom to discuss your flooring project with our team of professionals.

FSC Wood Flooring (FSC)

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a not-for-profit organization that accredits certifiers whose programs conform to its internationally recognized Principles and Criteria, thereby providing a consistent and credible framework for independent certification efforts worldwide.

Becoming FSC Certified keeps forests from being converted to agriculture only to be abandoned after a few short years for new more fertile soil.  Under the FSC guidelines, indigenous people have the opportunity to stay near home, earn a livable wage, and have a voice in business operations while contributing towards healthy forests and a more intact ecosystem.

Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities (HFHC)

The Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership was developed in 1998 specifically for small, typically family owned mills and communities in the Pacific Northwest. These family owned mills have made a commitment to sustainable wood use and sustainable wood harvesting is once again playing a vital role in their community. Many areas have suffered greatly from unsustainable (environmentally and economically) logging; thus, the HFHC Partnership works with each community to help restore devastated forests and promote the products that can be developed.

The HFHC helps small businesses build capacity and develop market connections in order to produce wood products made with a commitment to environment and community, allowing consumers to make a choice that makes a difference.

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