Natural Wool Carpet

Wool has always set the standard for fine carpets and it’s easy to see why. Wool carpets are soft and luxurious. They hold their shape and fresh look longer than any other type of carpet. They are naturally stain-resistant and flame-retardant, without added chemical treatments. No wonder manufacturers of other types of carpet try to replicate wool, with limited success.

There is a misconception that Wool Carpets tend to be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, for this reason some people don’t consider them an option in their home.

At Brilliant, we specialize in Wool Carpet. We purchase direct from the mill and have unique relationships with our Wool suppliers. Our volume and dedication to wool materials enable Brilliant to offer you some of the best pricing in the industry.

Come visit our Downtown, Bend Showroom and see our current Wool Carpet Specials. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at our huge selection of quality wool carpet at pricing competitive with the synthetic big box store options.

Features of Wool and Natural Fiber Carpeting
Made of 100% Wool, a rapidly renewable resource, the fiber originates in areas such as New Zealand and Greece. The backing is made of jute, a natural fiber, held in place with natural rubber latex. The result is an ultra-low toxicity floor covering which actually improves indoor air quality for your health and comfort for up to 30 years! Overall, a wool carpets life can last up to 50 years if well taken care of with frequent vacuuming and professional cleaning.

Wool fibers are naturally elastic. When crushed or stretched, they bounce back to their original shape offering superior durability to its synthetic, toxic counterpart. Unlike synthetic carpet, wool carpet will not lose its shape, flatten, pill or wear in high-traffic areas or beneath heavy furniture.

Stain-resistance and Cleanability:
Our wool carpets derive their stain-resistance from the nature of the fibers. One of the most important features is the tightness of the weave in our wool carpet materials, this keeps dirt and even liquids to the surface and allows it to be easily vacuumed or blotted away! This helps the longevity of the padding underneath and keeps you from worrying about liquid and dirt ruining or causing mold in the padding and subfloor.

Try the finger test: Try to get your fingers down to the backing on the wool material, now try a synthetic carpet. You can easily see the difference with your fingers, now just imagine how easily the dirt gets through the synthetic and down to a place where it cannot be cleaned.

Wool repels liquids, the culprit in most stains. Spills usually blot up, and regular vacuuming removes dry dirt efficiently. The wool fiber is extremely stain resistant and wants to easily release stains with proper cleaning. Wool responds well to professional cleaning. Do not use water-based cleaners designed for synthetic carpets. The moisture can shrink the fibers and pull dirt back into them.

Wool fibers won’t ignite if exposed to flame. They self-extinguish quickly, often leaving the carpet with only a small amount of ash that can be brushed away. It takes just a single cinder or spark to melt unsightly patches into many synthetic carpets. This quality can help with peace of mind for safety from fires starting or spreading across the carpet.

The disposal of old carpeting creates billions of pounds of solid waste every year. Wool carpets are bio-degradable and can be used as mulch or even garden amendments. They also make a good protective layer underneath pond liners and can prevent weed growth as well!

Come explore our large selection of wool carpets, and you are sure to find something you love that can also fit your budget!